Consular Camp in Sacrament (California)

Consular Camp   in Sacramento (California) By the Consulate General of Pakistan, Los Angeles On Monday, March 25, 2019.

Services for visa, attestation and registration of new born babies will be provided:

Timing of Services:       06.30 pm to 08.30 pm

Venue:  Haveli Grill, 1900 Canterbury rd, Sacramento, CA 95815.

Fee:      i)     Visa fee for US passport of Pakistan origin: $ 192

ii)  Attestation fee:      $ 8.00 per Executant /Document

iii)    Registration of new born babies: $ 5.00

iv) Mode of payment: Money Order or Cashier Check only

Focal Persons:

  1. AQeel Mustafa:    Tel: 916-833-7691
  2. Shahid Saleemi: Tel: 510-676-6601


i) No NICOP/POC and passport Services are provided in the Consular Camp. NICOP

may be applied through online system of the NADRA by visiting the link below:


ii) Please visit website of Pakistan Consulate Los Angeles for downloading the

Appropriate forms and other information at (Consular

Services at the top left or Download portion on the top right of the website)