Business Visa

Business Visa

Applicants from USAID and USAID related organizations are requested to apply visa for Pakistan from Embassy of Pakistan, Washington, DC. Current visa fee is $324.

Issuance of Business VISA involves certain processing time depending upon the completion of documents and approval of the case.

Business visa may be submitted by in person or through mail.
In certain cases, the administrative processing may require clearance from Islamabad and time frame for such cases cannot be ascertained/guaranteed.

Following are the requirements for Business Visa:

  • Visa application form duly filled in.
  • Original Passport (should be valid for at least six months)
  • Two passport size current photographs with white background.
  • An Invitation letter from the host Company/Individual in Pakistan on official Letterhead.
  • A letter from the Employer/Company on its Letterhead whom the applicant represents/works, with explaining the purpose of visit and verifying antecedents of applicant.
  • A copy of Green/Resident Card (for non-USA Passport Holders)
  • Business Visa Processing Fee $324 (Bank Draft, Cashier Check or Money Order). Fee is non refundable
  • Additional Business Form duly filled in (copy attached)
  • Return prepaid Envelop (if sent by mail)
  • State ID card photocopy
  • Last three month’s Bank Statement
  • Complete contact details of applicant (Residential/Business address, Phone, Fax, Email)

Administrative Processing: Administrative Processing is a standard procedure for all visa applications. It is a normal process and it does not mean anything is wrong with your visa case. Some visa applications take longer to process than others.  Once administrative processing has been completed, we will contact you immediately to let you know and will ask you to submit your passport if we have not retained it.

Note: If it has been more than 06 months since your submission of visa application, please e-mail us at Please mention your date of submission of visa application as well.