Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate

Fee and processing time: 


Process Type

Processing Time



In person at Consulate

Via Courier Mail

Same Day

Three business days after receipt through mail


  • Duly filled and singed the birth certificate application.
  • Original and copy of Pakistani passport and CNIC/NICOP and U.S/Pak Birth Certificate if available.
  • Fee in the shape of money order or cashier’s cheque payable to the Consulate General of Pakistan.
  • Prepaid self addressed return envelope for applications sent by mail. US Postal Service with tracking number is preferable.
  • In case of sending Birth Certificate application by mail, please mention “Birth Certificate Application” on the right corner of the Envelope.
  • Original and copy of Mothers’ Pakistani Passport and CNIC/NICOP or Marriage certificate or Nikah Nama of parents.

Note: Please fill out all columns in the form, as incomplete application will not be processed, hence it’ll be returned back to the applicant