Renunciation of Pakistani Citizenship

Renunciation of Pakistani Citizenship

Fee and processing time: 


Process Type

Processing Time

$120 & $30

$120 & $30

In person at Consulate

Via Courier Mail

Subject to the completion of documents and approval from Government of Pakistan

Subject to the completion of documents and approval from Government of Pakistan

To renounce Nationality applicants would have to surrender all their valid/expired Pakistani passports and computerized national identification cards. Following is the fee structure and list of documents to be submitted at Pakistan Consulate Los Angeles.

The Government of Pakistan has enforced the following fees for the cancellation of Passport and National Identity Card (NIC), Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) and National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) to renounce the Pakistan citizenship.

“Please fill out all columns in the form, as incomplete application will not be processed, hence it’ll be returned back to the applicant”.



  • Written and signed request with the reason for renunciation of citizenship.
  • Notarized copy of the American Passport/Citizenship Certificate.
  • Form X duly signed by the applicant and attested by Consulate of Pakistan and Notary Public with three sets of the form must be provided.
  • All Pakistani Passports (Valid/Expired in original along with one set of photocopies of each passport must be provided.
  • Six front facing colored 2” × 2” passport size photographs of the applicant with white background must be provided.
  • Computer Proforma
  • In case of the applicant doesn’t not have CNIC/NICOP, applicant can provide with correct and complete address in Pakistan along with two references in Pakistan for police verification of the applicant’s antecedents from Pakistan.
  • In case of Minor: Please provide date and place of birth of the child with original documentary evidence i.e. Form “B” or Form “S” or NICOP/Child Registration Card.
  • Names of three close relatives/friends with their telephone numbers and complete residential addresses in Pakistan who could provide information regarding your Pakistani citizenship.
  • Incomplete applications will not be entertained.
  • Two separate Money orders or Cashier’s cheques in the amount of $120 & $30.
  • Queries with regard to status of application will only be done through a signed letter addressed to the Consular Attaché, Consulate General of Pakistan Los Angeles 10700 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 211, Los Angeles, CA 90025.
  • Two separate prepaid self addressed envelopes with tracking, one for mailing out the receipt and other one for mailing out the renunciation certificate once received.

For NIC/CNIC/NICOP Surrender Procedure & Fees

Requirements For Surrender of POC:

  • Completed POC application form: Please avoid cutting and crossing, leave a space between words, keep letters within the boxes and write neatly. Please make sure you fill out all the important portions such as:
    • Select “Cancel” under ‘Type of Application’ (Column 1)
    • Valid Foreign Passport number and Expiry Date (Column 17-18)
    • Information on Pakistani relative living in Pakistan including their 13-digit CNIC/NICOP number (Column 19-21)
    • US Address and US Phone Number (Column 22 and 23)
    • Pakistan address (Column 24)
    • Personal information, left thumb impression and signature (Column 26) are BOTH required. For children, left thumb impression is required. In place of their signature, just write their names.
  • Two 2” X 2” size current photographs (passport size, light blue or white background).
  • Money order or cashier’s check for the fee is $150 made payable to the Consulate General of Pakistan.
  • Copy of valid U.S Passport/Foreign passport. Expired passport copies will not be accepted.
  • POC in Original (Copies will not be accepted)
  • Letter Requesting Surrender with Signature

–   Instructions for Renunciation Pakistani Citizenship

–   Form-X (Vide Rule 19-A)

–   Applicant’s Particulars

–   Computer Proforma