Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate

Fee and processing time: 


Process Type

Processing Time



In person at Consulate

Via Courier Mail

Same Day

Three business days after receipt through mail


  • Complete the birth certificate application.
  • Copy of Pakistani passport and CNIC/NICOP and U.S/Pak Birth Certificate if available.
  • Fee in the shape of money order or cashier’s cheque payable to the Consulate General of Pakistan. Merchant charges applicable. Cash or personal cheques are not acceptable. Consular fees are non refundable.
  • Prepaid self addressed return envelope for applications sent by mail. US Postal Service with tracking number is preferable.
  • In case of sending Birth Certificate application by mail, please mention “Birth Certificate Application” on the right corner of the Envelope.
  • Copy of Mothers’ Pakistani Passport and CNIC/NICOP or Copy of Marriage certificate or Nikah Nama of parents is required.

Note: Please fill out all columns in the form, as incomplete application will not be processed, hence it’ll be returned back to the applicant