Applying for NICOP Renewal



  • $60.00 fees payable in shape of money order payable to Consulate General of Pakistan (includes home delivery charges).
  • There is no urgent service or fast track service from the Consulate.


  • Two current photographs of 2”X2” passport size without glasses not older than six months on white background front view and shoulders covered.

Original NICOP Card:

  • It is mandatory to attach original NICOP Card.

Police Report, in case of lost NICOP Card:

  • Submit Police Report, in case of lost/misplaced/stolen NICOP Card.

 Valid Passport:

  • Submit colored photocopy of either valid Pakistani Passport or U.S Passport.

Blood Relative’s and Spouse CNIC/NICOP:

  • Please attach CNIC Card copy of blood relative’s (i.e. Grand Parent’s, Parent’s, and Sibling’s).
  • Please attach photocopy of spouse CNIC Card (front and back), if applicable.
  • In case of non-Pakistani spouse, please attach photocopy of Valid Passport.

Marriage Certificate:

  • Submit a copy of your marriage certificate.
  • Attach marriage certificate for change in marital status. In case, applicant’s CNIC/NICOP card marital status has not been changed. Applicable on both spouses.

Birth Certificate/Form B/CRC/S-I Birth Registration:

  • For applicant’s born in Pakistan: copy of RG-II/Form B/CRC is mandatory.
  • For applicant’s born in U.S: Birth Certificate, and S-I Birth Registration Form (if available) and Parents CNIC/Pakistani Passport copy is required (mandatory).

In case of non-availability of Pakistani Passport/CNIC/Birth Certificate:

  • As a proof of Pakistani nationality matriculation /school leaving certificate can be provided.
  • Blood Relative (i.e. parent’s, brothers, sisters, children, grandparents) CNIC/NICOP copy is mandatory. NIC/MNIC copies are not acceptable.

In case of any name change:

  • In case of any name change, the name change document issued from court (i.e. name change decree, divorce decree) should be notarized from any Notary Public Service Office and submitted with your application.


  • NICOP applications Notarized from a Notary Public Office is not acceptable. Kindly, do not notarize your applications. Only your supporting documents can be notarized
  • NICOP form duly filled in with all respect. Columns with asterisks are mandatory,  please do not leave them blank (i.e. Columns 1,2,3,4,7,10,13,17,19,23,24,26,28,29,33,34 are mandatory to fill completely and accurately).
  • Please write down proper and complete Pakistani Address in the “Permanent Address” Column. And, U.S address in the “Present Address” Column on the form, mandatory. Permanent address maximum length is 45 characters including spaces. Don’t leave it blank or don’t write “same as above”.
  • NICOP Form should be filled online and printed out. Urdu section can be filled in clear handwriting.
  • In the applicant’s full name column, the name must be less than 27 characters including spaces.
  • Father and mother full names and NIC/CNIC Card numbers are mandatory in their respective columns.
  • Left thumb impression in black ink and Signature in Applicant’s Signature columns are mandatory.
  • Phone number and e-mail address is mandatory.
  • Family Head NIC No. is required. For married, husband’s NIC/CNIC No. and for unmarried and children father’s NIC/CNIC No.
  • Please fill out the Attester Name, CNIC/NICOP No. and Signature Column, any Pakistani holding a CNIC/NICOP can attest the respective form. Attach colored copy of attester’s NIC/CNIC. Pakistan Origin Card (POC) holders cannot attest NICOP applications.

Self-Addressed Prepaid Return Envelope:

  • When applying through mail, send a stamped, self-addressed return envelope for delivery of receipt / acknowledgement of your application to be mailed after 20-25 business days after receipt of  application. (USPS only).

Delivery of NICOP Cards:

  • The card will be delivered by DHL mail directly from NADRA Headquarters, Islamabad to your United States address, mentioned in the NICOP application form. Please make sure that your address on the application is complete and correct.
  •  Delivery of card can be delayed due to incomplete/invalid information, missing documents or verification problems.


  • You can track the status of your NICOP application after 6-8 weeks by visiting NADRA’s website and using NICOP receipt number printed on top right corner of your receipt (omit first two zeros “00”).
  • You can also call NADRA Call Centre Islamabad directly at +92-51-9208606 or +92-51-111786100 to check the status of your application.
  • If you do not receive your card within 12-16 weeks you can LAUNCH A COMPLAINT by visiting NADRA’s website. All complaints about NICOP card will be answered only through COMPLAINT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM





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